Album Release: Fortíð – Völuspá part III: Fall of the Ages

Recording: Gunnar Cortes, Audun Melbye
Produced by: Einar Thorberg Guðmundsson, Audun Melbye
Mix: Audun Melbye
Mastering: Steffen Hofseth & Audun Melbye
Release date: 26.03.2010
Label: Schwarzdorn Production

This Album was recorded on Iceland, and I was involved in the project mainly as the mix engineer. On one of the
tracks I had to rerecord the vocals, and I recorded the guest performance of heavy metal vocalist Eirikur Hauksson
on two of the tracks. I also ended up taking part in the final steps of the mastering process.

The tracks I recieved from Iceland were not very well recorded, and the the mixing of this album was in many ways
a rescue operation.

Original mix:

My mix (album version):

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