Recording Pieces – Melodic death metal

The spring of 2005 I recorded 3 tracks for one of my own bands; Pieces. We didn’t have a drummer at that point, so the
drums are programmed. However, in 2005 there was (as far as I know) not possible to get natural and good sounding
cymbals from a drum machine, so we recorded the cymbals separately. The guitar sound is a Rocktron Pro GAP through
a Rocktron Velocity 300 and a marshall 1922, miced by an Oktava MK012. The bass is DI through a Tech21 Sansamp GT2.

The tracks were recorded into Sonar using focusrite octopre preamps, then laid out on a Soundcraft Spirit (analogue studio mixer) thorough 32 channels of Apogee DA16. Reverbs are TC M3000. The mix was then recorded to DAT tape, ready for mastering.

Below is one of the tracks:


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